1.Overview #

Refund/Exchange section is undoubtedly the most indispensable module for any marketplace site. In fact the majority of customers/buyers will check the refund policy of your store meticulously before placing an order. Taking into account it’s importance, Showcase Malls ensures seamless and easy configuration for the refund system of your store on our marketplace site.

Both vendors and customers can claim refunds for misplaced orders and they are processed accordingly by the you through the Refund module in Showcase Malls Dashboard settings panel

2.Refund Settings #

You can set the refund rule from here: Showcase Malls Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Refund Settings.


Refund Auto-Approve: Checking this option will allow all the refund requests raised to be automatically approved. Keeping this unchecked will require you as the admin to approve the refund request raised by users for financial settlements.

Refund by customer: This options gives you the “allow/disallow” the customers of your showcase malls store to raise a refund requests for their orders. Checking this option will allow the customer to claim refunds, and unchecking this will not allow the customer to claim for refunds.

Refund Threshold:  From here you ( or admin ) can set the maximum number of days allowed to claim a refund for an order.

*Note that the payments will not be processed automatically, you as the admin have to make those processes manually.


3.Refund Claim by Vendors #

Vendors can apply for a refund for specific order from their order tabs here: Showcase Malls Vendor Dashboard -> Orders -> Order Item list.


Vendors may request refunds from their Dashboard -> Orders -> Each item

If a vendor already requested or initiated withdraw commission for that order, then they will not able to ask for refund

You may also allow your customers to request refund for their orders.

Customer may request refund from My Account Dashboard -> Orders -> Each item

When they click the refund request button a popup will open and vendor may set refund options.

They may ask for –

  • Full Refund
  • Partial Refund

Additionally they may add reason for the refund request.

For partial refunds vendors have to insert the amount will be refunded.

You will see all these refund requests under your Dashboard -> Refund menu

Request can be approve or rejected.

Importantly, payment will not refunded automatically, you as the admin have to do this manually.

Refund details visible under each order details page for both the admin and you the vendor.

Vendors will see refund details under their commission invoice as well.

Admin and vendor will have notification for all “Refund” activities.

You may disable Refund Request module anytime just by one click.

You have to go to Showcase Malls Admin Setting -> Modules -> Refund ->  Set this OFF